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Erasing borders

'Erasing borders' is an issue that has been on my mind for some time now, and it has manifested itself in my recent work. Those who have taken an interest in and followed my work, will know.

I am an immigrant. Have always been, living as an alien in eight cities, in as many states, in two different countries. Questions like ‘home’ and ‘belonging’ have doggedly occupied my mind all my life. I have proudly absorbed culture, language, food habits, and values from all my homes. Just as these homes have taken me lovingly into their fold. I have been a part of the global village. Yet today, the color of my skin and the language I speak delineate me. Differentiate me. But when I donate my hair for a child who has lost their hair to illness, the difference ends. No longer is there any question about race, color or country of origin for that lock of hair. There is no question about citizenship. Or immigration status. Legal or otherwise. It is just a lock of human hair. That will bring a smile to another human being. This is my way of erasing borders, and replacing them with miles of smiles. Bit by bit. Lock by lock.

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